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leephether's Journal

8 June
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I am happily Married and Handfasted to Nion. I do Reiki sessions and attunements following Usui, Lightarian and other non traditional methods, Also am a Gathered Master/Servant(Green) and do Angelic Healing using oils and tuning forks. I am Ordained Clergy (CST and ULC) for Handfastings and weddings, Baptisms, and Requiems (Passing on Rites), as well as spiritual guidance. I am an eclectic spiritual practitioner which includes but is not limited to Buddhism, (Nichiren), The Olde Religion-British Traditional Witch (3rd), Native American (pipe carrier), Angelic,and Reiki Master. I love to meet new people and have fun with people I already know.
accutuning with tuning forks, alternative lifestyles, angelic gate, angels, animals, archetypes, astrology, beach combing, birds, board games, breaking the rules, camping, candles, cats, ceremony, chakras, communal lifestyle, costuming, crafts, creativity, crystals, drummers, drumming, drums, ecology, energy work, erotic literature, erotica, fairies, fairy, festivals, fey, fires, flowers, found objects, gems, gemstones, god, goddess, goddesses, gods, good company, growing, having fun, healing, herbal medicine, herbs, higher self, holistic healing, honesty, hottubbing, intelligence, intentional community, intuition, journaling, karma, kink, kundalini, labyrinths, learning, life, lightworkers, listening to music, local music, love, loving, lyrics, magic, magick, meditation, metaphysics, moon, moonlight, music, mysticism, mythology, myths, native american culture, natural medicine, nature, naturist, night, ocean, olde religion, outdoors, pagan, paganism, paranormal psychology, partying, passion, people, personal freedom, philosophy, playing, playing with energy, poetry, portals, power, psychology, quantum mechanics, reading, reiki, religion, ritual, road trips, rock, romance, running with wolves, sacred sexuality, saxophone music, science, sensuality, sewing, sex, shamanism, shape shifting, shibari, sidhe, soul, spiritual evolution, spiritualism, spirituality, stones, studying, summer, sunsets, surprises, tantric sex, tarot, teach only love, the beach, thinking, tree hugging, truth, tuning forks, twin flames, vibrational therapy, vortexes, wands, water, wiccan, witch, witchcraft, women's studies, woods and writing